Web Promotion

Web Promotion
Web Promotion

Manu Info Solutions (MIS) is providing assistance and consultancy in all kinds of Internet Advertising. We provide solutions to manage your Advertisements on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing as well as on popular Communities like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Web also manages Advertisement on popular websites like,, and other popular websites. MIS will assist and manage your Advertisement through Ads-channel management, Keyword management. Our aim is to suggest the best out of the available advertising options.

MIS is also promoting your Brands through pro-content writing in popular web directories, Discussion Fora and other interactive websites by writing more and more positive comments and articles about your Brands and features of the products. Most positive aspects of this campaign are that these comments or reviews given by us on different forums and consumer websites will remain forever. It is just like a Wall Writing Campaign.

MIS is also promoting your Brands by creating profile in all popular Communities like Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Tag, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and creating your presence very active and making your friends list larger day by day by adding more and more friends.

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