Window based Software Development

Window based Software Development

Window based Software Development : If you look for a smart desktop solution for your business on Windows, you are just few steps from getting all you need. manu info solutions specializes in professional desktop software development(Java, .NET, C++, PHP, Perl, Ajax etc.) and provides quality desktop solutions for Windows platform. The software is designed and developed by a team of high-qualified and experienced professionals.The works are performed in a wide specter including desktop remote solutions, as well as desktop management, support and backup solutions for you to make your computer management and remote control easy and handy.

In particular we offer:

Custom desktop application development

  • Application customization and integration both open source and commercial products
  • Reverse engineering and porting
  • Remote desktop solutions
  • If you need a top notch desktop solution at a reasonable price, you are in the right place.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn how you will benefit from our expertise.

Offshore Desktop Development

Technology and creativity are the hallmark when we work on any kind of Desktop solutions. Our Desktop Application Developers have in-depth knowledge in refining programming solutions such as Java/J2EE, Microsoft .Net, Linux and Mac etc. Developing user-friendly and easy-access Desktop Application can be possible if the developers follow new generation RDAs (Rich Desktop Applications) and RIDAs (Rich Internet Desktop Applications). We do this state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients smartest solutions. It will definitely help you spruce up your business environment.Our Rapidsoft Technologies team builds and integrates enterprise software application projects requiring sophisticated development.

Desktop Application Development

Every business is unique, and as a result, often businesses need specialized technology solutions to successfully meet their business goals.The core expertise of Rapidsoft Technologies includes from medium to large-scale custom software development projects. The solutions involve in refined programming solutions such as E-commerce, Mobile applications, Desktop applications and portal development. Amongst other, a wide variety of applications are also integrated by Rapidsoft, ranging from legacy systems to high-performance E-commerce sites development.We deliver custom desktop software that’s tailored to your purpose, it´s built only for you and you are the boss when it comes to how it works.Too many companies look to boxed solutions only to find they do not meet their specific needs. Often a company will purchase two or more boxed solutions trying to create a system that works for them. Although boxed solutions can be appealing from a cost effective perspective, the programs are normally limited and often result in an unacceptable and poor product hindering your business’sproductivity.Ingenux can streamline the technical side of your business by combining all of the elements of a boxed solution you desire while leaving out all the unnecessary functions you don’t use. Cost may be prohibitive when considering constructing software from the ground up, thus leaving a box solution as the economical choice; however Ingenux has turned our experience into your financial gain. We have a library of over 2000 components that can be plugged into any custom solution and can changed to meet your specific needs. Using the library allows programmers to combine components and then seamlessly tie together all the elements you need

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