SEO : There is no point in having a website if it receives no traffic, so it is very important to include your website in all your marketing. With Search Engine Optimization service we deliver only the highest quality SEO services ensuring your website on top in search results.SEO has always been perceived as a science of effective usage of Meta tags, positioning of keywords organically in body text, and careful analysis of keyword density using popular SEO software tools and techniques.

Your keywords are your life. You absolutely need to understand your online keyword market intimately and begin speaking to it. If you don’t, you’re missing the many opportunities to communicate and do business directly with current and new customers.If you know that there are very specific terms for your business that have a known return on investment for you, National Positions can focus its expertise on achieving specific keyword rankings through Organic SEO methods.

Your keyword market is the natural “search language” your customers are using to try and find you online. It’s the quirky combination of terms that someone comes up with while trying to accurately describe something very specific to them.Google has become a giant and synonymous to the word search. More than 80% of the Internet search traffic runs through Google. It is the most powerful medium for online marketing today! Everyone tries to make it to the coveted top five search results on Google’s first page. However another way is to use MIS as your SEO expert.

Google keeps updating its algorithm all the time and you need an SEO expert to stay on top of these changes tweaking and optimizing your website. If you have not done the basics right by laying a steadfast foundation of keywords in a semantic structure your efforts will reveal little results. We can help!

MIS specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We have vast experience in providing SEO services to our patrons through a structured strategy and detailed planning. Just entering keywords won’t cut it. If you want to do serious business and drive traffic to your site, well you need to talk to MIS’s SEO experts today.

Our Structured SEO approach follows three fundamental principles which would eventually underpin your online portal to the world.

SEO structure


Choosing the proper priority keywords is the first and the most pivotal step in doing any search engine optimization. A proper understanding of how and where to use these keywords is paramount. Easier said than done but our SEO experts would make sure you reach the coveted hot spot in Google’s SERP’s.

 SEO Content


“Content is King,” is familiar usage when speaking of web sites and the traffic they receive. Fresh, unique, engaging and relevant content will always help your website to be in the top ranking results of Google. The keywords needed must be spread out in all hierarchical levels of your content to ensure frequent crawling, indexing and ranking.

SEO Promotion


After having accomplished the first two tasks we are all set to promote you across the web and make you successful.  There are several key strategies we employ from building a sitemap, social bookmarking and producing engaging content.

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