Open Source Development

Open Source Development

MIS is a great supporter of Open Source Softwares, Either its an Web Project or Mobile App Project or any Software Project, MiS always prefer Open Source Development. Being a leading IT company in India MiS has completed numerous projects in Open Source Development.
Now days Website building became very easy and popular with Open Source CMS. Open source is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to the software’s source code.

Presently our expert team also contributing in open source software and application development majorly for Linux Operating System as Linux is very powerful OS and very secure and also Open Source OS.

Our Principal is that to avert our customer from e-problems and merge into the benefits of  open Source Development.

We are capable of handling Following OSD:

  • Open Source Blogging Software: WordPress, Roller
  • Open Source CMS: Drupal, Joomla, Alfresco, Plone etc.
  • Open Source CRM: SugarCRM
  • Open Source Business Intelligence: JasperServer
  • Open Source ECM: Alfresco, knowledgeTree
  • Open Source Froum: phpBB
  • Open Source Photo Sharing: Coppermine Photo Gallery, Gallery
  • Open Source Poll Management: Opina
  • Open Source Portal Service: JasperServer
  • Open Source Wiki: DokuWiki, MediaWiki
  • Open Source E-learning: Moodle

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