Subdomain Management


A “subdomain” refers to a domain that is created explicitly as “subdomain” the administrator selects a domain before creating the subdomain and the subdomain automatically inherits the name of the initial domain as a suffix. Therefore, if a domain on the server ends in a substring that is the name of another domain on the server, the latter is the parent domain and the former its subdomain. Using subdomains allows you to more efficiently organize the information on your content-rich website. It enables you to assign unique web addresses to each section of your site, thus helping your visitors to better differentiate all available sections and navigate easier between those. Subdomains represent specific web addresses created as second-level names to a particular domain.

The goal of Subdomain Management is to allow an ISP to delegate the right of creating subdomains of existing domains. The admin grants a domain administrator the permission to add subdomains of the domain (on which the domain administrator has rights) and manage them. Administrative limits control how many subdomains a domain administrator can add and what operations are allowed to perform.

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