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Community ManagementCommunity Management

Social Media Marketing is both an art and technical science leveraging the power of social media platforms. It is used to convey your message and convert people to action. It’s a process of bringing traffic or attention to your products or services through the use of social media sites. The goal of online marketing has always been the same, it’s just the tools and the techniques used have evolved, which is a great thing for all of us.


Social media platforms are where people interact. Unlike the traditional methods of online marketing there is a huge scope of two-way communication with your prospects. Some of the ways in which social media advertising works are as follows:

 The testimonial of a satisfied customer

  • To promote your brand

  • Advertise your new products

  • Sharing a recent success story

  • Alerting people of sales and coupons

Developing open-source software or other collaborative projects such as Wikipedia generally require some form of community management, whether it involves leadership oregalitarianism. Unlike as is the case with physical resources, the sharing information does not necessarily deplete the resource. Nonetheless proper management may be necessary to encourage a network effect, where collaborative use actually enriches the resource, and to avoid conflict.

More generally, community management designates the activity of maintaining communication, motivation and efficiency among a group of remote individuals often only linked together by internet. Typically, it will contribute to the success of an open-source initiative by keeping forums alive with information, questions and challenges, by organizing real-life events for virtual communities, or by organizing contests or hackathons to focus all efforts on a common goal. It may also be used to improve motivation and synergy in a large organisation (such as a company or a public organisation) by creating a sense of belonging and ensuring that members are aware of each other’s work. Community management requires human skills (a community manager) and the use of tools (e.g., social networks, instant messaging, resource sharing, etc).

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