Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia Solutions
Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia is more than one concurrent presentation medium (for example, on CD-ROM or a Web site). Although still images are a different medium than text, multimedia is typically used to mean the combination of text, sound, and/or motion video. Some people might say that the addition of animated images (for example: animated GIFon the Web) produces multimedia, but it has typically meant one of the following:

  • Text and sound
  • Text, sound, and still or animated graphic images
  • Text, sound, and video images
  • Video and sound
  • Multiple display areas, images, or presentations presented concurrently
  • In live situations, the use of a speaker or actors and “props” together with sound, images, and motion video.
Multimedia Solutions
Multimedia Solutions

Do you have a message to convey to your audience and hence looking for creative solutions? Perhaps your business needs a logo design, banner design or brochure design. MIS Graphic Design team is ready to assist.

  • Logo DesignA Logo Design is an extension of who you are and what your business is all about. Our graphic designers have designed hundreds of logos for a wide variety of businesses. A logo by MIS is exactly what your business needs to help with the branding of your business.Banner DesignFor any enterprise or business a wise and detailed online marketing strategy is crucial for success.  Whether it’s a website design, SEO or a banner design or all of the above, MIS can help. We provide top notch web banner design for your advertising campaigns to help you be successful!

    Brochure Design

    MIS brochure design blends the power of great content with strong imagery aiding business in branding and promoting their business. Brochures and catalogs have a long been effective sales tool in the market place. Our Design experts will aesthetically design, layout, format text, create and upload images for you creating a brochure that will set your business apart from the rest of the competition.

    Printing Services

    Business cards, logos and letterhead. These items may seem small but they are a necessity to help you promote your business. Internet-based businesses need a real worldwide presence. Your company’s printed materials are a true representation of who you are.

    Graphic design works in many businesses as a part of the corporate communications, making sure that the company image projects the ideas and required “feel” of the company.

MiS is also provides services in following –

  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Portfolio Film Making
  • Documentry Film Making.