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Live WebcastingLive Webcasting : Streaming and webcasting services from manu info solutions is one of the most experienced and successful providers of streaming media services in India.

We provide individual solutions to individual requirements and we never let our clients down.

Your website is the ideal place to capture customers, and there’s no better way to engage your visitors than with a live video webcast. For customers, streaming live video is a great way to drive traffic to your site by promoting an event or new product launch.

Webcasting has come a long way in the past 10 years. There’s no more expensive hardware or professional video equipment — all you need is a computer, a fast Internet connection, and a camera to communicate with your customers, employees, and anyone else on the Web.

Live Webcasting allows you to broadcast LIVE audio and/or video events.

 Anyone with the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on their PC can listen to or watch any live webcast, but if you are wishing to be the broadcaster of a live webcast, you will
need the following:

You must have a direct connection to the Internet (dialup or high-speed).

For dialup users, please disable the “auto-disconnect” feature as necessary.

For video webcasters, a high-speed broadband internet connection is required and a separate, dedicated computer used for only the webcast encoding is highly recommended.

Our aim is to help all our clients get the very best that streaming media has to offer.

We think you’ll find working with us a genuinely different experience. If you have a streaming project or webcasting services  in mind, call us or contact us by filling the contact form.

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