Voice Messaging IVR

Voice Messaging IVR
Voice Messaging IVR

Voice Messaging IVR : IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone.

A typical IVR system has several menus of prerecorded options that the caller can choose from. While many choices are as basic as choosing a number, some options may require the caller to speak detailed information such as his name or account number. This input is read by the IVR system and is used to access the appropriate information in the database.

Voice message refers to a message that could be sent to a destination using voice media. Voice itself could be ‘packaged’ and sent through the IP backbone so that it reaches its marked ‘address’. In a technical sense, the process of sending ‘voice packets’ is a semi passive way of communication.

However, given the speed at which it could be delivered can make the communication sound seamless. For example, a bank may have an IVR system that allows members to call in and check their balance or recent transactions.

There are many benefits to automated voice messaging:

  • Efficiently Reach a Large Market
  • Grow your Leads
  • Quickly Deliver Customized Information to Your Important Customers
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Decrease Marketing and Promotional Costs
  • Raise Productivity with Fewer Agents.

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