Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding
Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding : MiS provides very cost effective Domain Forwarding Services in India through which we host your domain name on our servers and forward all requests to your real site anywhere on the Internet at a very affordable price. Now you can have a short, easy to remember domain name for your free web space at your ISP or hosting service.

Why MiS for Domain Forwarding Services in India

Domain forwarding in delhi provided by MiS is a cost-efficient service, which provides Email and URL forwarding functionality. By using MiS’s Email Forwarding Service, you can also have your own email address. We also provide domain forwarding in India and it is especially useful if you have a site with a long, complicated address. Now you can just register a simpler domain name (easily done using one of the less common top level domains, like .BIZ instead of .COM, for example) and then forward it. It’s that easy.

Our features of Domain Forwarding Services:

  • Point all your domain names to one Web site
  • Forward visitors typing in your new domain name to any existing Web site you already have
  • Perfect for companies with one Web site and multiple domain names
  • Point additional domain names to an existing Web site to increase your online visibility and to catch your visitors in a more suitable targeted way


Our domain forwarding services in India enables you to forward your newly registered domains to existing web sites. With domain name forwarding, you would be able to register the domain name for your business and redirect that traffic to your current website without the general user ever knowing the difference.


Our other services include website designing, website development,search engine optimization, internet marketing , website hosting , domain name registration, website maintenance, website testing, copywriting services etc.


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