Website Re-design

Website Re-design
Website Re-design

Website Re-design : Satisfied with your current website design?

MiS believes that designing starts with discovery. We must have known to target audiences, usability, and the structure of website. Poor designs and outdated methods are the main reason for rejection of designs. Each website has fresh look and should be maintained with cutting-edge standards of design. The navigation should be easiest and the functionality should be such that the user can surf it easily.

MiS: Website Redesigning Company

A redesigned website sometime gives the visitors a new and exciting experience. As a website redesigning company, with our team’s innovative ideas for redesigning websites, involves evaluation of the existing website and then we present thumbnail sketches of new concepts for our business. We try to pick the best design from the pool. Post we get a good layout we present it to you for review. The new design should also have your satisfaction. We collaborate with you during this process.

Website Redesigning Services Deliverables:

  • Research result for current design
  • Identifying which factors which need to be added
  • New graphical layout and design
  • Proposed navigation structure
  • Enhanced functionality Parameters

MiS specializes in website redesigning services using its creative ideas and satisfying all required web standards. Our team of designers focuses on your requirements and manages to give your existing website a new look and feel. We redesign website keeping the branding of your website intact. Our website redesigning services satisfy SEO parameters also and will help to get your website easily searched.

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