Web Page Design

Web Page Design
Web Page Design

Web Page Design : We MiS at follow a step by step approach to execute projects. It always help to maintain the integrity and accuracy of work. The timelines and successful completion is our motto so we perform complete analysis and planning for execution.Following steps are involved in our website designing process:-

Planning and  Documentation :

The initial step in Website Designing Process should always be planning and documentation. We summarize the information given by client and make drafts and blue prints in brief. A complete research for required data then performed by creative designers. Complete data such as purpose goal, marketing objectives, website content, required images and navigation structures are taken from client and has been finalized. Then we move on towards next step of Website Designing in soft form.

Layout Designing :

The second phase is the designing and developing of layouts on the basis of blue prints we have created. Here we create the layouts and check that all the web designing standards are getting fulfilled accurately.

Development :

The third step is development step is where the website is created. Here our designers start implementing the individual graphic elements and use them to create the actual, functional site.

Firstly home page is developed, followed by rest of the content pages of your site. The complete navigation is then connected to related pages. All the creative work required is then embedded into pages and if any development work is required such as query forms or shopping card etc, it has also got incorporated that time and made functional properly.

This entire time, we will make you updated and ask for your suggestions about any additional changes or corrections.

Implementation :

The fourth step in Website Designing Process we follow is “Implementation” of work. All the required tools are incorporated by our web architects and then necessary text, graphics, flash, scripts, whichever is required got implemented. Required copies of designs got ready and delivered to our testing team for finalization.

Testing :

The fifth step in our Website Designing process is testing of project. In this the layout and construction process is complete and the testing of the site begins in order to ensure error free functionality at all levels. Here the quality analysts and designers co-ordinate to make the bug free project wherever required.

Delivery :

This is the final step we execute. The website is published on the internet at demo and it goes delivered to client side for review and approvals.

In this step, communication between both you and our designer is crucial to ensure that the final web site will match your needs and taste. It is important that you work closely with your designer, exchanging ideas, until you arrive at the final design for your web site.

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