On Demand Streaming

On demand video media hosting allows your personal or company’s archived content (video and/or
 audio) to be hosted and delivered via our national web casting network to your audience.
 More and more corporations are discovering that web casting is a powerful, cost-effective way to
communicate with employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Web casting services ensure
 that on-demand web casts—such as company meetings, marketing seminars, training classes,
product launches, HR broadcasts, and product demonstrations get delivered with the highest
 quality to your entire audience on demand.

  Streaming TV and Radio has the broadcast control tools, and high end windows servers that make
 it easy to broadcast on demand video to internet users worldwide. Broadcast is relayed on demand
to all end users from the files on our servers. The Windows Media server can broadcast from most file
 formats that have the following file name extensions: .wav, .wma, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .mpg, .mp3, .bmp,
and .jpg.  No matter if its a one time event or a full time online audio feed we have the servers,
network and infrastructure to meet the highest need for speed, reliability, and real time broadcast
When to Use Streaming?
On demand streaming allows viewing at any later dates
On-Demand Streaming  can access presentations anytim
In On-Demand Streaming Files are stored on disk  .
On-Demand Streaming  Presentations always begin streaming at the beginning of the file
On-Demand Streaming is  Like a movie on videotape

How does On-demand streaming work?

ANSWER: With on-Demand streaming you upload the music you want us to play. Once you upload your
 music the fun is in our hands. From then on we will stream the music to your listeners without you
having to lift a finger, all automatically.

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