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The role of corporate magazines and corporate newsletters in an overall marketing communications programme is not to be underestimated. Whether it is a direct sales orientation showcasing products off the page or more relationship-orientated pieces, this media provides a powerful vehicle to deliver a variety of messages. From content research and copy writing, through conceptualisation and development, Communique – the specialised in house department at ci support all aspects of corporate magazines and newsletters. We, at CREATIVE INC. believe in creating corporate newsletters/magazines that engage the reader. Our team works directly with the clients in bringing out the perfect blend of corporate vision aligned with the mission. From masthead identity development, slug segregation, page layouts, copy research and writing, amends and final proofs, we ensure your newsletter meets all your requirements and is delivered on time to bring you the maximum desired results.

For more than 10 years already together reports about the products and services of Brenntag and the people working for the global market leader in full-line chemical distribution in an entertaining way.

The name of the magazine reflects one of the emblems of the company. The title originates from the acquisition of Holland Chemical International (HCI) in 2000. Back then a corporate magazine should help to integrate the new employees. The title together was formed, which underlined the collective teamwork and working in one company. Although the magazine was just meant to be published once with this title, one stuck to the name in the future. As Brenntag is acquiring other small and bigger companies regularly the name is still up to date nowadays. The name immediately includes new employees into the structure of the company and offers new clients the possibility to inform themselves about Brenntag.

In the future you can also easily read together online. Just flip through the virtual pages by clicking the mouse. The entire content is available and an intuitive zoom function makes it as easy to read the text as it is to read the magazine itself.

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