Corporate Magazine

The role of corporate magazines and corporate newsletters in an overall marketing communications programme is not to be underestimated. Whether it is a direct sales orientation showcasing products off the page or more relationship-orientated pieces, this media provides a powerful vehicle to deliver a variety of messages. From content research and copy writing, through conceptualisation […]

RSS Feed

RSS is a widely used format of web feeds used for content syndication. It is amongst others used to spread news and new posts on a blog. Users subscribe to RSS feeds to follow interesting information from all around the web. RSS feeds use a standardized XML file format to publish information. Users can subscribe […]

Online Software Development

Online Software Development : Our innovative web design brings you more business. Our online software then helps you make the most of it. It can cut your costs, increase your profit, streamline processes, minimize mistakes and automate repetitive tasks. MIS online software development is available from any web browser, on any computer from anywhere in […]

Community Website Development

From global social networks to specialty, niche, community-based websites, MIS has years of experience in online social network development.  Our Social Networks are designed to provide users a variety of ways to interact, collaborate and share their interests and activities with online communities, providing marketing and revenue benefits to our customers. The connections are built […]

Dyal Singh Evening College

Dyal Singh College (Evening) is a govt. college under Delhi University situated in Central Delhi. We have developed the official website for the college i.e.; The website is developed in wordpress and fulfilling all general requirements of an institute like faculty and non-teaching staff profile and directory, syllabus of all faculties and general notification […]

Defence Info. Com

This is Defense news portal which is developed in WordPress and language that is used in this website is PHP. There is huge content in this website and one of our most SEO friendly website. You can easily get all the law details from this website