Windows Hosting

5-5Windows hosting is web hosting in which the user’s files are located on a web server that uses the Windows operating system. It is an alternative to Linux/Unix web hosting. Windows hosting is a service of hosting a website over a Microsoft Windows Server. Users who purchase Windows hosting can use technologies such as Active Server Pages, which Webservio describes as “Dynamic HTML documents that are embedded with Microsoft’s Visual Basic scripts or Jscript …” .

Windows hosting supports traditional HyperText Markup Language files and the PHP programming language, which popular scripts such as WordPress require. Users who specifically require ASP support may look for a host that specialized in Windows hosting such as M6. When searching for a website host, the hosting server is one of several options available to the consumer. Typically, website hosts offer packages that increase in price as the resources such as space, bandwidth, number of domains supported and script support increase. Windows hosting prices may also differ from comparable Linux/Unix hosting packages.

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