Trademark and Copyright Consultant

Trademark and Copyright Consultant
Trademark and Copyright Consultant

MIS is a one stop business set-up and corporate services company, managed by specialized team of Trademark Attorneys, IPR Professionals, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Financial Professionals.

MIS is one of the leading company in IPR services in India. is an online trademark registration initiative of MIS.

Trademark Registration In India

A company’s brand is the primary source of its competitive advantage and is a very valuable strategic asset. We understand and appreciate the fact that protecting the Brand or Corporate Identity is basis of all business strategies and also expands future business opportunities.

Our dedicated team assists you in simple, comprehensive and economical way of registering your brands and protecting it from possible infringement from competitors.

Steps Involved In TM Registration In India

To initiate a logo or brand registration in India, one need to make an exclusive trademark search with the Trademark Registry, if the search is positive an application may be filed in the relevant class of goods or services in which the mark is dealing. After the filing of TM application, it undergoes various phases of filtration before the final certificate of registration is issued by the registry.

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