Mail Server Solutions

The mail server works in conjunction with other programs to make up what is sometimes referred to as a messaging system. A messaging system includes all the applications necessary to keep e-mail moving as it should. When you send an e-mail message, your e-mail program, such as Outlook or Eudora, forwards the message to your mail server, which in turn forwards it either to another mail server or to a holding area on the same server called a message store to be forwarded later.

Virus attacks and spam mails create havoc in an enterprise. Heavy spam may lead to work hindrance and server downtime. Tackling this problem effectively is therefore very important if you want to maintain your enterprise efficiency. Our Enterprise Mailing Solutions are an apt answer to this problem.   Providing a range of mail-related services expected by organizations can be a daunting process. Our Enterprise mailing Solution presents a comprehensive guide to manage the most important e-mail services. Open Source offers customized mailing systems with high ROI and low TCO, starting from small organizations to large enterprises. Beginning with installation and configuration of the popular server-based operating system Fedora Core, we assist in outlining the system and network preparation process geared towards running a complete enterprise e-mail system.

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