Intranet Server Solutions

Intranets is a server that serve hosts web and electronic mail services in a network system. The Internet Protocol provides these services, is “platform independent”. The platform of the computer we are using to receive information (the “client”) does not need to be the same platform as the computer sending the information (the “server”). So long as they are both using the same protocol – TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). The platform  requirements as refer to the server. Once this software is enabled on the server, then any computer on the network can access the information stored on the server, regardless of the platform of the client. It is assumed that a compatible network, such as Ethernet, exists between the various machines.

What are hardware and software requirements to set up Intranet?


Hardware is devices system for connecting instrument with each other .In order to have an intranet for your organization, you first have to build a network. This usually requires a server, web server software such as Apache or Microsoft IIS and either Wi-Fi connections and cards or Ethernet cables and a NIC. Obviously the size of the organization will determine your specific needs and many organizations will already have all the necessary hardware and server software in place.

Intranet Software

Intranet software is programming software. While you will usually have the server software on hand, running an intranet means that individuals in your organization will access the intranet to find documents, download drivers and updates and conduct searches for information that they are searching for.

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