Google AdSense Strategy

Google AdSense Strategy
Google AdSense Strategy

Google AdSense is an advertising branch by Google; it is the brother version of Google AdWords. In Google AdWords, the webmasters can advertise their business through the Google search engine interface. It is a strategy for companies that are mostly information service oriented and or wish to display Pay Per Mille (CPM) vertical sponsors impressions in their own web sites. Google AdSense is a relatively easy way for small and large web site owners to generate revenue by displaying ads relevant to their site content. We’ve been participating in AdSense since June of 2003 .Some websites are earning more than lacs  depending upon  page reviews per day. Even small websites if they have good visitor’s traffic ,they can also earn good amount.Size of the ad display would like to increase your revenue.

By placing ads on your small business website, you can earn extra money using Google’s Adsense program. Google pays you for any visitors who click on the ads, with different advertisers competing for ad space on your webpage. Google also allows you to customize the look of the ads so they coordinate with your webpage.

Prominent Placement
Changing where on your website you place your Adsense advertisements may affect your earnings. This method does not require your website traffic to increase. Move your Adsense ads to more prominent areas of your webpage, such as a top banner or even in the middle of your website content. Placing the ads more prominently means visitors to your site are more likely to notice the ads. If users are more likely to see your ads, they are also more likely to click on the ads. Since Google pays for visitors who actually click on the ads, your revenue goes up.

User-Generated Content
To capture a high flow of traffic, you increase your website’s content by allowing users to generate content for your website. You may allow any user to generate any content he wishes, which can carry a certain amount of risk with it if the user posts erroneous or even illegal information on your website. You may also require users to apply for the ability to create content, and have other users review content before it posts on the website. With the increased amount of information on your website, you capture more traffic and in turn more Adsense earnings.

Authoritative Website
Building up an authoritative website takes time and energy. Google encourages web administrators to build websites that have quality and authoritative content that is well-researched. Over time, Internet users who are interested in your website’s subject-matter will come to recognize your website as a source of quality information, meaning these users will return to your website over and over as they need additional information on the subject. If the information on your website is not accurate, this method will not work. The subject you pick to build an authoritative website about can be a subject that appeals to the public in general, or one that is a niche. The amount Google Adsense pays you for website visitors who click on your ads depends in part on the topics of the ads. Making a website to fit into a more profitable niche can increase your revenue over time.

Multiple Websites
You can increase the amount you earn from Google Adsense by increasing the number of websites you have established on the Internet. By simply starting up more websites, you capture more web traffic and earn more Adsense revenue. Generating content for multiple websites might prove a challenge, unless you hire writers to generate the content for you or allow your website users to produce content.

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