Flyer Design


flayerFlyer used to showcase any business or product. It would be used while promoting any product, promotion of event, updating the products and showing specifications etc. Good information combined with creative graphics is used in flyer designing. Any flyer can be effective if and only if it appeals the customer. Your flyer is your advertising message.

At MiS, we provide Flyer Designing Services. You just need to send us raw files or data and we will process it further. You can send us text, or objects in any file format and we will show you the needful.

A flyers is fast and economical solution of advertising. At MiS we have graphic art directors who may create flyers and posters using design software’s like Indesign, Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.

Flyer Design Timeline

Initial concepts      :Within 3-4 business days
Revisions                :Within 3 business days of client feedback
Final delivery         :Within 5 business days of design finalization

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