Domain Ads Parking

Domain Apps is a refreshingly easy way to customize your domains to maximize your revenue. Whether you decide to develop your domain into a site or monetize it through parking, Domain Apps’ simple interface will help you get the most out of your domains. Domain parking refers to the process of reserving a domain name in advance for future use. Domain parking can be used to defend against cybersquatting or to get involved in cybersquatting, a technique that involves the acquisition of a domain name that is exactly identical to the name of a pre-existing business and then selling this domain name to the original name-holder for a profit. In domain parking, there is no need to upload any content on the website, which usually just displays just an “under construction” page.

Techopedia explains Domain Parking

There are two main types of domain parking:

  • Monetized: This technique is      used to generate income by showing ads to visitors.
  • Non-monetized: This technique      is used to reserve domain names when a website is preparing for a launch.      During this time, the parked domain simply displays an “under      construction” or “coming soon” message.

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