Brochure Design

brocherIf you want present your company  in best way…It would be “Brochure Designing”. There are different kinds of Brochures which can be designed for the same. It can be two fold brochures / bi fold brochures, tri-fold brochures etc. The brochures are majorly used to convey information about your company. It would help in getting exposure to a virtually unlimited audience.

Brochure Designing Services:

Our brochure designing services would be stunning and visually appealing. Along with these parameters we also take care that the brochure designs are informative and engrossing. Tri fold brochures help your company to advertise a new product or service, or there are bi-fold folders that are used to present your company projects outside or inside it. Each brochure types have a different way to be designed. This is also known as viral marketing tool. This helps your clients to provide brief information about the service, products and offers you provide and help in convincing possible clients and to create a brand identity. Images and texts have to be incorporated adroitly as a Brochure is the brand representative of an organization.

Brochure Design Timeline:

Initial concepts: Within 3-4 business days
Revisions: Within 3 business days of client feedback
Final delivery: Within 5 business days of design finalization

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