MiS offers SMS Long Code Services in Delhi and also in India. Long code number is the 10 digit virtual mobile number which is operated by the service provider. You can operate with different keyword such as like company name or product name ex:-LM-MiS. It is primarily used for lead generation and receiving feedbacks from the customers.


  • Create Unlimited Keywords in Dedicated and One In Shared Long Code.
  • Unlimited sub keywords supported.
  • Real Time log report available, user may download in excel format.
  • Create unlimited keywords and replies.
  • Customized replies sent with Bulk SMS Service API.
  • Email Forwarding with Sender Name, Mobile Number and Message.

Long code SMS Services is mainly used for value PRP Services:

  • Exam Update like results, date sheet etc.
  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Media Sectors.
  • SMS chat Services.
  • Demand Information.
  • Globally provided number for international companies and events.
  • Feedback SMS in mass mailing.
  • Mobile Infrastructure Providers.
  • SMS to email application.
  • Competition created by TV and Radio.


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